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Developing Professionals are our freshly employed graduates and trainees who have successfully completed an undergraduate or first academic degree, diploma or skill certificate. Our Developing Professionals will undergo a period of on the job training and will be given necessary knowledge and skills needed for the job function by their respective supervisor and team. The graduates and trainees will be full-fledged based on their work performance and upon completion of their Job Competence Profile (JCP).

Apprentice Program

PETROKON started the apprenticeship program in November 2019. PETROKON aims to provide opportunity for local graduates (HND and above) to have working experiences and to provide a foundation for them to gain practical and hands-on experience.

It is a one-year apprenticeship scheme and it is expected for the graduates to gain good knowledge and skills on partiular field prior being awarded a permanent role.


The company also offers mentorship program to the locals. It serves as an opportunity for a mentee to establish a relationship with their mentor and develop their career, leadership and skills they require to succeed in the workforce. The program is built to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, information and experience. Our mentors also foster learning, career exploration and soft skills development and the mentorship partnership can be tailored by mentor’s experience and mentee’s specific goals and priorities.