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Official Opening of New Office in Kota Damansara

PUSB Engineering Sdn Bhd (PESB) officially opens its new office in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. The company was first registered in Malaysia on 6 Jan 2005. PESB main Malaysian office remains in Miri since its establishment in 2006.

The new location in Menara Mitraland will strengthen PESB’s presence offering a dedicated space for meeting with clients and partners. With the aspirations to have a full fledge team in Kuala Lumpur by 2020, PESB (KL) will grab the foreseeable opportunities in peninsular Malaysia as a new rising player in the oil and gas engineering.  The office is targeting to execute a wholesome scope for projects once the manpower has been built-up from available Malaysia pool of resources. According to Managing Director of PESB, Lt Col (R) Ir Shahar Abdullah, “Since the significant award in Miri Design Office, it has enabled us to have a full team encompassing all related disciplines and lay the foundation of our sustainable presence in Malaysia. PESB has successfully been reorganized as a local entity and been accorded as a Vendor Development Program (VDPx) holder under Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB)/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company (SSPC). This will ensure a substantial increment in manhour utilization of PESB workforce.”

He continued, “As such the Board decision to re-establish the KL project office is mostly timely. It will enable the Group to access an alternate talent pool that resides in the Klang Valley, Peninsular Malaysia in support of the works in Miri and Brunei. We are strategically placed to be more visible to new sets of Clients and opportunities. Staff have opportunities for training and development in new set-up as well as cross-posting for added/alternate competency”.