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Electrical Engineering

Provide electrical engineering solutions to upstream and downstream Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and industrial projects starting from feasibility study, conceptual and detailed design and As-built.

Key activities include:

  • Develop power generation and distribution philosophy, system operation philosophy, study on emergency and vital power supplies
  • Study on control, monitoring and protection, sizing of substation, earthing, lighting, lightning, cable, equipment, EMC etc.
  • Power system study including network modeling, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, motor starting, protection relay settings and coordination and arc flash energy calculations.
  • Perform system studies for large power distribution network up to 33kV including load flow study, short circuit study, voltage dip and large motor (up to 1MW) starting study using SKM Dapper software.
  • Phase Over Current and Earth Fault ProtectionPerform relay coordination study and protection system design/review of large electrical network up to 33kV using SKM Captor software for below mentioned protection:
    1. Transformer Protection
    2. Motor Protection
    3. Cable Pilot Wire Protection
    4. Generator Protection
    5. Distance Protection
    6. All Other Protection required as per IEC
    7. Perform Harmonic Study and Arc Flash Study
    8. Switching Transients study and recommendation
    9. Perform Transient Stability Study to evaluate Generator Stability and derive the load-shedding scheme
  • Preparation of material purchase technical specification, technical bid evaluation, review/approval of vendor drawings/documents for electrical equipment like HV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) up to 33kV, HV AIS (Air Insulated Switchgear) 3.3kV, HV/HV Power Transformers up to 16MVA, HV/LV Power Dry Type Transformers, AC and DC UPS system, Emergency Diesel Generators, GTG’s, ENMC (Electrical Network Monitoring and Control), PMS ( Power Management System)
  • Perform sizing calculation for the Substation/Electrical Room, HV/HV Transformer, HV/LV Transformer, Switchgear/Switchboard, UPS, Battery, Earthing (using SKM Software), Cable, Lighting (using lighting software’s), Lightning Protection, Cable Tray/Ladder, Cable Trench
  • Preparation of Input/output lists for PMS, ENMC and DCS control and monitoring equipment
  • Preparation of all electrical drawings documents required for the installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning.
  • Preparation of Electrical Safety Work Instruction of all major electrical equipment
  • Providing Technical support during Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning

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