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Pipeline Engineering

  • Provide integrated pipeline engineering and consulting services for the Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Pipeline Engineering Design for both onshore and offshore projects comprising of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), Conceptual Design (CD) and Detailed Design (DD).
  • Pipeline and Riser Basis of Design.
  • Pipeline material and wall thickness selection to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Pipeline route selection and optimization.
  • Pipeline and Riser External Anti-Corrosion Coating Selection and Cathodic Protection Design.
  • Riser and J-Tube Stress Analysis.
  • Pipeline On-Bottom Stability.
  • Pipeline Mechanical Design (in-situ stress analysis, spanning analysis, expansion analysis).
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic and Pre-Commissioning Study.
  • Pipeline Crossing Design (Road, stream, river, existing pipeline & utilities
  • Pipeline Shore Approach Design.
  • Pipeline Installation Analysis.
  • Pipeline and Riser Support Design.
  • Pig Trap Design.
  • Develop Pipeline Material Specifications, Technical Bid Evaluations and Review of Vendor Proposals.
  • Provide Pipeline construction support.

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